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If something were to happen to you…a critical illness…or worse, would your family have the financial protection they need for their future? 

One of the best ways to ensure your family’s needs are met if an unfortunate event should occur is to have adequate insurance protection. Adequate protection includes both the right type of insurance and the right amount of insurance.

Travel Insurance


Life Insurance


Life Insurance




Funeral Services

Disability Insurance

Cancer Insurance - Cancer Guard

Critical Illness Insurance (CI)

Home and Car Insurance



Universal Life Insurance premiums are paid into your policy's account value (after a premium expense charge), where it earns interest. Every month, various deductions, such as a charge for insurance protection, are then made from the account value. If sufficient funds are available, you have the ability to take loans or make withdrawals from the account value for your personal needs. Loans accrue interest and unpaid loans plus interest and withdrawals will reduce the death benefit and cash value. The policy continues as long as the cash value is sufficient to cover the various deductions each month*.

Typical Uses for Universal Life Insurance
Provides for a family's loss of income, mortgage costs, and educational needs.
Access to cash value for life's opportunities.
Estate, special needs, and business planning.




Term life insurance is the most straightforward form of protection. You generally pay premiums on a monthly or annual basis and your family is protected for that term.
There is a variety of affordable term life insurance products to fit your needs, time frame, and budget.

Help provide for a family's loss of income.

Cover short-term debts and needs.

Provide additional insurance protection during the child-raising years.

Provide longer term protection to help your family pay off a mortgage or to help pay for a post-secondary education.


Whole life insurance helps your family prepare for the unexpected. It builds tax-deferred cash value you can use for a family's loss of income, mortgage costs, or educational needs - or to leave a legacy for the next generation. Whole Life insurance policies provide level premiums and life insurance protection for as long as you live, provided that premiums are paid as required to keep the policy in force. We provide Whole Life policies that can be paid with a single premium, premiums payable to 100, or premiums payable up to a limited number of years. Policy loans do accrue interest, and any outstanding policy loans and interest will reduce the death benefit and cash value.




Travel Insurance for Travelling Canadians
Don't travel without travel insurance
If you're planning on travelling out of the province or out of the 
country, Travel Insurance for Travelling Canadians 
gives you a simple, affordable way to protect against the cost 
of unexpected emergency medical expenses and more that 
may happen during your trip.
Your provincial health plan only covers a fraction of healthcare expenses incurred outside Canada and limits coverage when travelling to another province. Yet illness and accidents are just a few of the all-too-common incidents that could leave you facing significant out-of-pocket expenses when travelling.

























Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada
Almost as important as the ticket...
Planning on visiting Canada? Expecting family or friends from outside of the country? People who aren't Canadian residents are not covered by provincial health insurance plans. That means visitors could end up facing significant out-of-pocket expenses if an illness or accident occurs while they're here.
Are you or is someone you know applying for a Parent or Grandparent Super Visa? One of the key Super Visa requirements is proof that you have obtained private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company
Thankfully, Travel insurance for Visitors to Canada provides a convenient, flexible and affordable way to protect against the cost of unexpected medical emergencies. Coverage can be purchased prior to or upon arrival in Canada and is also available for side trips outside Canada, as well as optional coverage for trip interruption.
Travel insurance for Visitors to Canada Single-Trip plan meets Super Visa insurance requirements.
This travel insurance is also a smart solution for people who are in Canada on a work visa, Canadians who are not eligible for benefits under a government health insurance plan and those who are awaiting government health insurance plan coverage.

Travel Insurance for Students
For students studying away from home
Are you an international student studying in Canada or a Canadian student studying full-time in another province or outside of Canada?
Your government health plan may not cover all - or any - of your medical expenses when you are studying away from home. And while routine, basic medical services can add up quickly, emergency medical expenses can easily cost thousands of dollars. Further, most post-secondary schools require that you have a medical insurance plan before classes begin.
Thankfully, Travel insurance for Students offers you a simple, affordable solution, protecting you against the cost of both emergency and non-emergency medical expenses.




Health Insurance gives you a simple, affordable way to fill the growing gaps in your government health insurance plan, and to protect your family from the rising cost of both unexpected and routine health-related services. You have two different individual health and dental insurance plans to choose from.

Health Insurance is specifically designed for those whose employee health benefits are ending, who are concerned that their age or health issues may make it difficult to obtain affordable health and dental insurance. Health Insurance gives you four distinct levels of individual insurance to choose from.




Similar to critical illness insurance, long-term care insurance is an insurance policy that provides the funding for the care or treatment 
required for injuries, illnesses and loss of functional abilities. Although age is not a determining factor in needing long-term care, 
this type of insurance is usually sold to cover these risks at older ages. Because there are often substantial costs associated with 
long-term care such as nursing homes or private rehabilitation facilities, this type of insurance can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care costs.


CARE INSURANCE                   



Whether you own or rent, live in a two-story house or high-rise condo, your home and its contents are likely among your biggest investments. Make sure they're protected with home property insurance.

Choosing the right auto insurance can be tough. We make it easier with a fast online quote that helps you get car insurance as you go. You can compare options and customize coverage to fit your needs. We're there anytime, anywhere you need us, with helpful advice and great service.






INSURANCE (CI)        

If you were diagnosed with a critical illness, such as cancer or heart disease, would you have the funds available to cover medical expenses and lost income? Although specific coverage varies from policy to policy, CI insurance will help cover these costs if you are diagnosed with a critical illness and require funds for your care. 




Accidents can happen in a matter of seconds, but damages can cost you the business that you have taken years to build up. Liability insurance will protect your business from lawsuits involving bodily injuries that occur within your workplace, and injuries or damages caused by your employees elsewhere.






























What does Liability insurance cover?
Liability insurance protects business against claims for:Injuries to customers, employees, vendors or visitors that occur on your premises. Injuries that occur elsewhere as a result of the actions or negligence of an employee.
Third party property damage caused by an employee.

Liability insurance is for businesses of all sizes
Liability insurance policies can be tailored to businesses of all sizes. Even if you are operating a home-based enterprise single-handedly, you need the protection of Liability insurance because most home policies will not cover business activities. An injury to a visitor in your home office or to a delivery person at your front door may leave you liable for their claims.

Combine your Liability with other business coverage
Liability insurance is important, but it doesn’t cover all the risks your business may encounter. A bundled insurance package that is designed specifically for small business can be a cost-effective solution. 




Cancer Guard is a guaranteed issue cancer insurance product that covers you for up to $100,000 in the event of a cancer diagnosis. No medical exam is required.




In the event of an accident or illness, disability insurance could mean the difference between having an income and not having an income, if your disability prevents you from working. This form of insurance is particularly important if you are the sole or primary wage earner in the family, or if you are a key person in the operation of your business.




At-Need Family Support 

Family Assistance and Plan Implementation

  • Communicate the client’s Personal Funeral Plan to the funeral home;  removing the family from a sales-focused environment 

  • Provide 24 hour assistance throughout the funeral process

Negotiation Assistance

  • Gather pricing information and present to client in an easy-to-read format 

  • Negotiate funeral service pricing with local funeral homes 

  • Help the family compare prices of caskets and other products

Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC)



Liability Insurance