Our Financial Strategies

to create, build, protect and transfer your wealth

Shahba Group



Whether securing hard to place financing, refinancing your home, unlocking funds, insuring your home or planning for your long and fruitful retirement, We offers a wide assortment of financial tools and a strong team of committed, well educated, experienced and motivated financial specialists.

Our objective is to guide our clients, no matter where the starting point may be, to achieving their goals moving forward. First we will spend time getting to know you with an emphasis on both your short term and your long term goals and dreams. With this information in mind we will lay out a blueprint of easy to follow steps to achieve these goals and we will stand by you through out the process.

We are proudly providing hard to place financing as well as proven financial strategies to create, build, protect and transfer your wealth.

We are proud to serve Canadians from all walks of life and from coast to coast.